History of viennese coffee house

In 1829 merchant Karl Hartmann began building stone mansion of Viennese coffee house. In 1847, the wife of Mr. Hartmann Klimentina continued family business, later inherited by her daughter Irene Ryustel. In 1870 the coffee house belonged to the couple Antonio and Jenovefa Ziber. Mrs. Ziber opened a buffet in Viennese coffee house which sold delicious Viennese strudel and famous throughout Lviv home-made biscuits.

Among the clientele of the coffee house were the brightest figures of contemporary city. Mykhaylo Hrushevsky, General Tarnavskyi, Stanislav Lyudkevych, ethnographers Volodymyr Okhrymovych and Volodymyr Gnatyuk and even famous writer Ivan Franko who did not like “pubs and restaurants” often visited “Vienna” for a cup of coffee and daily press.

Famous Polish science fiction writer and native Lvivite Stanislaw Lem mentioned Viennese coffee house in his book “The High Castle”. Every morning on his way to school, in order not to be late he checked the time. The first orientation point was the electric clock near the coffee house, and the next one was the City Hall Tower clock on the Market Square.

Viennese coffee house has always been a meeting point for business people - famous Lvivites, officials while outside under the clock beloved ones, couples and students used to meet. One of the Lviv songs of that time says: “Old emerites, ladies and batyars – sing with me all at once! Date under the “Vienna” - who in their lives hadn’t got it ever!”.